28 June 2012

Bad Dog

We have a dog problem. Since we've moved, L has become scared of one particular big black barking dog who lives on the way to school. Now the fear has expanded to include all dogs. Sometimes it can take half an hour to get him out of the house, and on the way he'll often dissolve into a hysterical mess, even if there's not a dog in sight. What to do? It's awful seeing how enormous and paralysing his fear has become. The school's helping out by getting the animal ranger to come in and talk to the kids, and by getting him to fill in a special 'bad dog report book' every day. Together we're trying to work out the best way forward. I thought maybe drawing pictures of hideous dogs might help. This one made him laugh, so that's a start.


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Tellin' it like it is! I love this.

roberto said...

Oh, you have a big problem! really
If you want I can send my drawing to be useful to L. lose the fear. would be a pleasure, I have drawn something fun with a dog!
Ah. Today, my daughter told me that's not so cold in NZ. but very wet! oh, here, where I live, (800 kilometers from the sea) does not rain for seven or eight months, from March to October. :(((
Ok. good weekend, thanks for your comment! :)))

Carla said...

No Roberto, it's freezing! But maybe not compared to other countries. It never snows in Auckland, anyway. Your daughter's right, it rains a lot here. I can't imagine a place where it doesn't rain. Thanks for your offer of a dog drawing. I'll email you! Happy weekending :) carla

roberto said...

Hi, Carla,
Thanks for your comment!!
How's the dog issue?
I hope it is resolved

Carla said...

Roberto..no, not completely resolved, but we're getting there in small steps. The worst seems to have passed, for the moment anyway.

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