5 June 2012

Goodbye, House

Moving. Even after months of knowing it was coming, it was still a shock to see the house stripped back to its bare walls and dusty corners. Seven and a half years is one of the longest times I've ever lived in one place. We moved there when L was four months old. I used to come over in the daytime and paint while he was sleeping. Those poor floral-papered walls needed help. They were fighting a losing battle with the sea of swirly turquoise and crimson Axminster carpet and the over-sized flowery pink nylon lampshades. It took a while, but slowly the little brown house with its creaky doors, rampant ivy and exploding fuse box became our home.

I went back the other day to check the letterbox for stray mail, and there was already an ugly stump where the camellia bush used to be. There were muddy tyre tracks on the front lawn, and an ominous looking digger squatted in the driveway. Poor old house. You were cold and draughty in winter and nothing ever worked properly, but you were sunny and surrounded by pink camellias all year round. I'll miss you.


roberto said...

Oh Carla, I know how it feels,
I lived over 24 years in a house that we build, and we raised our three children
8 years ago we moved to live in the mountains, and only last year we sold that house,
the hose was rented to a woman who destroyed the garden that we took care of. The new owners have cut down the trees that I planted from seed, one for each of my children, so I never wanted to return to see that house.
but on the other hand, is good restart, add youth to our lives, with new projects, do not you think so?
OK. do you know that my daughter has returned to NZ? She missed her husband and her dog Maku (so named because she's going to surf on the Waimamaku beach, haha​​)
OK, byeeeeeeeee, enjoy your new home! ::)))))

Carla said...

Thanks Roberto...it is sad to leave a house you've taken care of and loved - but you're right, it's also a new beginning and I'm already loving our new place even more. I hope to get to meet your daughter one day! Have a great weekend :) Carla

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