29 July 2012

This Windy Weekend

Bits and pieces from this windy weekend: prints, ceramics and other covetable things at the Art and Design Day down at Britomart. Olympic madness - I'm loving it this time round (can't remember a thing about the last two). This morning L and I lay in a pile of pillows and blankets and watched it for three whole hours. He particularly liked the very small staunch women weightlifters but found the dressage boring. I always like watching the gymnastics and anything else involving pointed feet. But what is it with that hideous magenta Olympics logo and strange spiky typeface? Yuck. And the popularity of neon shoes? I'm looking forward to all of it, getting us through the next few rainy winter weeks.


roberto said...

Hi Carla I must say that this time I'm so busy I have not seen anything about the Olympics
I do not think I need to watch gymnastics on TV. I should practice it, ha ha :)))
Thanks for your comment
You are very kind!
Have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carla said...

Hi Roberto
The novelty's wearing off a bit now, have to say! Happy weekend :)

roberto said...

Hi Carla. I send the link to the blog of my daughter Julia. there you will read about the expo will be done in Auckland, and maybe you can go to see
byeeeeeeeeeeee ♫

roberto m. said...

Hi, Carla, here, no one beats the other, (if this is what I understood you said) I tell you something.
many years ago I published political humor in a magazine in my country, there was no internet, at least here, I'm talking over 35 years ago then, early in the morning, I bought the newspapers and read the news, then I made jokes that drew and then took to the editor. OK, with the same story, there were 2 or 3 artists who did the same joke, and this is because to the same stimulus, creative people agree in their ideas, and they get to the same result.
So, Carla, you do your drawing,please!!! :)))
You know something? my daughter is living in Piha and works in a cafe on the beach!! where there is a large rock like a lion, I think.
Have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carla said...

Thanks, Roberto...I never did get around to doing that illustration - what's happened to me? I am late for everything these days!

R es por Roberto said...

Thank you Carla!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings from Argentina!!!!!

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