24 January 2013


I had to dig about a bit for this week's Illustration Friday prompt. Traditional myths were never my favourite thing to read when I was a kid (I liked science fiction and stories about girl ballet dancers), plus we were always forced to read them at school.
This, however, is a modern myth, created by the eight year old who lives in this house. From the many comments he has made over the years, I realise that he has created his own mythical legend; that of the perfect mother he will never have. This mother:
  1. Owns a pair of psychic X-ray goggles for locating underpants, socks, Lego men and TV remotes
  2. Never raises her voice above a loving musical whisper
  3. Believes that boys should rest on the sofa to conserve their energy, while being served delicious and nutritious white bread, tomato sauce and lollies
  4. Possesses a bountiful money tree and is generous about sharing it
  5. Agrees that all eight year old boys should possess an iPhone


angela rozelaar said...

I love this - it really made me laugh!

Cindy D. said...

Haha! Excellent write-up and very fun illustration! I'm also intrigued by your divergent interests in sci-fi and ballerina stories!

Ted Blackman said...

I was drawn in by your illustration but didn't have a clue what was going on. Then I read your description. Pretty cool.

Elli Moody said...

That sounds an awful lot like an 8 year old boy I know...

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