19 May 2013


A little liquid refreshment on a slightly melancholy rainy autumn Sunday night (goodbye summer!), and a drawing for Illustration Friday - back to it after a long break.
I've been doing lots of thinking about where I'm going with work, design, illustration and this blog, which has been left untended for months, really. Not forgotten, but hibernating. Working out where to next. Plan of Action, here I come.


roberto said...

Hi, Carla how's it going?
really long time ago that you do not show your drawings!
do not forget that on this side, we enjoyed seeing your art;)
OK here also it is fall, NZ, is located like my country, we have the same climate. my country, extends further north and further south, so we also have more heat and colder than NZ. but here, where I live is the same as if I were a little north of Auckland, just in your country it rains a lot!and here almost nothing. (the sea is at 800 kmts. from my home!!!)
ok, it's a pleasure to see your drawing again! do not you disappear!

Lorraine LeBer Rocha said...

Sweet illustration. It makes me smile!

Carla said...

Thank you Lorraine, and Roberto - and no, I'm trying not to disappear! I do appreciate your kind words. Lots.

jennifer said...

I like your drawing! Thanks for coming over to visit me...

Carla said...

Cheers, Jennifer.

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