24 July 2013


Thank you Illustration Friday for one of my favourite drawing subjects. I'm not sure why, but these two are on a beach and looking terrified. Is it the fear of water getting into their mechanical parts?
Meanwhile... I'm back in another phase of theatre-making. We're redoing the show we made last year in preparation for a national tour. I've tried for so long to choose one thing or the other - arty design-ey stuff or arty theatre stuff - and realise there's actually no point in trying. I love them both. Making theatre gets me out of my head and away from my computer. Drawing and designing gets me into a place of quiet satisfaction. It's a funny mixed kind of career, but I'm finally beginning to make peace with it (unlike the robots).


Creations By Mit said...

Why choose? It sounds like they are both very satisfying in different ways! I say do it all!! :)

Love the expressions on the robots and their unlikely situation! Adorable!

Carla said...

Thank you! And yes, you're right, I should just do it all and stop worrying. I think it's an old ingrained fear of being a 'jack of all trades, master of none' kind of person. Time to get over it!

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