8 August 2013

Rehearsal Notes

Having a foot in two very different working worlds means I'm often distracted... taking notes in rehearsal but also thinking about a series of new robot designs I'm supposed to be doing! The show's up and running now, the reviews are out (good ones, hurray), and I'm doing what I always do at this time - looking at a forest of dustballs decorating the living room and making a huge list of Things that Need to be Done.


roberto said...

Hi Carla, congratulations, I see that the reviews are good :))
(I told my daughter that if she can, go to see your show, she lives and works in Piha, you know)
I love this sheet with sketches!
Your drawing is very funny, well drawn and professional
but .... (there's always a but) you show little of your drawings!
I want to see more!! :)))))
Congratulations on the success!

Carla said...

Hello Roberto, thank you, and you are right, I don't show many drawings and that's because I don't draw enough! I will try harder....thank you for your kind words, they inspire me to keep working on my illustrations. x

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