2 September 2013

Lovely Napier

In the last few weeks I've gone from Gold Coast madness (holiday) to serene Hawkes Bay sedateness (work) - although shouldn't it be the other way around? When we were kids we used to drive from Wellington up to Napier in the summer holidays, rolling around in the back of the white Holden station wagon, squabbling like seagulls and being barked at by grumpy parents.

Napier's changed a lot since then. It's been prettied up and the many Art Deco buildings (built after an enormous earthquake flattened the Hawke's Bay area in 1931) have been repainted in sorbet shades of mint green and pink.
Going away is grand. For me it's an adrenalin shot of inspiration and new perspectives. Already I'm scheming how I can leave again...and until then, how to keep that same spirit of adventure alive in everyday life.

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