22 September 2013


On a rare child-free rainy Saturday morning, me and the cat and a bottle of Indian ink (possibly an unwise move) got together in bed to tackle the latest Illustration Friday brief. It took all day and some uncertainty about the colour purple, but eventually a small illustration was finished, for the meantime anyway.


roberto said...

Carla, always, that you take your pencil to draw a positive thing, even if you do not finish your illustration.
You know what? probably next year I will go to visit my daughter ... maybe we can meet for coffee! she lives in Piha! :))

Creations By Mit said...

Love love love!!! You've got such a wonderfully whimsical style, & your characters are so appealing!! The purple really works here!!!

Carla said...

Thank you both; have a great weekend (we're just about into the weekend here), and Roberto - yes, a coffee out at Piha would be grand!

jennifer said...

It's so cute, that's where my cat sits too when I'm in bed! I like the purple.

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