29 October 2013


This week's Illustration Friday theme of 'creature' first made me think of creatures of habit, and then creature comforts - 'things that make life more pleasant, such as good food and a comfortable place to live.' I was tempted to draw animals sleeping in bed but resisted going down that same old familiar route, so plonked them in front of the telly instead.

When I was looking up the definition of creature comforts I re-disovered a series of 90's British 'Heat Electric' ads I used to love, starring a group of animals being interviewed about their household heating and electric appliances. It was my first introduction to Aardman Animations, long before they became famous for Wallace and Gromit. Have a watch - they're still pretty loveable (my favourite was the tortoise).


roberto said...

Hi, Carla, "good food, a comfortable place," and let me add ... drawings as well drawn and funny as yours! :)

Carla said...

Thank you, Roberto :)

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