24 October 2013

Little Steps

Up until recently I hadn't given much thought to my working process. My usual illustration habit is to do quick sketches and get them into the computer as fast as I can. Sometimes this slapdash approach works, often it doesn't. In the last few weeks I've changed my impatient ways and am taking the time to work out how I can give more time and love to whatever project I'm working on.

After all, for the theatre work I do, we spend  hours pre-planning, making notes, researching, improvising and even creating giant idea maps. Why should design and illustration be any different?

It's been a revelation spending time just playing, without worrying about an outcome. Rediscovering paints, pastels and coloured pencils. Collecting images and ideas in my big black drawing book. Doing a little bit each day instead of trying to finish something quickly and at the last minute. It's much more fun and ultimately more productive. Little baby steps, determination and staying on track seem to be the way to go. Onwards and upwards!


the man with the screen in the neck said...

it is strange that you follow a conduct in theater, and a different one in drawing
I understand what happens to you when you draw because I behave the same way as you. anxiety, impatience, uh ... maybe some "contempt" for what I do, I do not know, but it's good what you say, one should take the time with less "speed" let the day has 24 hours. and if something does not end today, it ends tomorrow.
OK. I send you a kiss and a hug, my dear friend from New Zealand (do you know that for me NZ was a distant and exotic land, until my three children were there, and then I went to the wedding of my daughter and I met you fantastic country, now, I love NZ :)) and I love your drawings!!!

Carla said...

Roberto, at first I thought - who is this man with the screen in his neck?! Then of course I realised it was you...thanks for visiting once again. I'm glad to know I'm not the only impatient one; it really is an annoying habit I'm doing my best to change. Greetings back to you from NZ!

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