10 December 2013


Something a bit different for this week's Illustration Friday prompt of 'pattern,' and a newish addition to my portfolio (which I've been working on over the past few months). When I was a child I desperately wanted to be a fashion designer, but now I realise that it wasn't really the clothes I wanted to design, but the pictures and patterns that were on them. This year I've been teaching myself the mind-bending skill of designing repeat patterns - it's often tricky and makes me want to scream, but ultimately super satisfying when it all works out.


roberto said...

OK, Carla I could tell you that in addition to an excellent illustration, this can be an excellent design for fabric stamping
so you can say you turned your two dreams!
rainy days in NZ? Talk With Me daughter a couple of days ago and it was raining!
Greetings from Argentina, Carla!

Creations By Mit said...

VERY cool!!! Love the expressions!!!
I need to practice more with repeating patterns, myself.

Carla said...

Why can't I reply to comments individually? Sorry! Thanks, Roberto and Mit. The rain has stopped and it's boiling. Too hot for the likes of me. No inclination to do any work. Happy weekend, you two :)

roberto said...

Hi Carla thanks a lot for your comment!!
I already told you that next year we will go to visit our daughter, probably in March. We must wait out the summer because we work here with tourists. who come to stay in our little bed and breakfast. I'll tell you and I wish we could meet to chat, no more than a while drinking coffee!
(I did not want to bother you or take your time) :))

Carla said...

Roberto - I look forward to catching up over coffee! Let me know when you're on your way...and happy Christmas to you and your family.

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