4 December 2013


When I saw this week's Illustration Friday theme of 'refrain,' all I could think of at first was my own dreary daily refrain of 'please stop burping at the table,' or 'please pick up your undies where you have mindlessly thrown them in the middle of the living room floor,' etcetera.

Luckily I remembered that a refrain can also mean a little song - a much more pleasing subject, especially as it really is summer now.


deer prudence said...

Absolutely adorable drawing.
(And I respect your decision, altough I'd love to see the "burping at the table" one ...)

Gigi said...

Oh I love this illustration! They both look adorable :)

Creations By Mit said...

Your characters are always so endearing! I love how the cat seems to be peacefully listening.

Carla said...

Thank you all...I had fun doing this one but you're right deer prudence, the idea of illustrating 'burping at the table' is suddenly starting to appeal!

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