18 January 2014


Last week we drove 90kms up north to Tawharanui Regional Park, where we stayed in a small green bach surrounded by big green hills, what seemed like five million pukeko and a lagoon containing one giant snapper and a stingray. 

We went for a long walk through a kauri forest and fields of enormous brown cows. Went kiwi spotting at night in the dark rustling bush. Played cricket after dinner, ate blueberries and talked a lot about how much we loved being out of the hot noisy city. I also loved the comments in the visitors' book, and this poem spotted in a leaflet lying around the bach.

Our Secret Hideout (by Stephen Gilbert, aged 8)

A camping ground really close to the beach
Soft white sand, crawling to the white horses
Greeny-blue water hitting the sand hard
Flat rock is our diving place full of shrimps and crabs
Bush, behind the beach, packed with natives for your amazement
As you are sliding down the grassy hills
On cardboard, you come to a bump and fly off.
Don't tell anyone about it.

Oops, too late.


roberto said...

Hi Carla, I Love NZ. (and every time I see something like this brings back memories) I told you we would go in March or April. but I think the trip was postponed for a few months later. unfortunately.
Oh, I have a photo in front of a giant kauri in Waipoua Forest, is the largest tree I saw in my life! :)

Carla said...

Hello Roberto - shame you can't visit NZ earlier. It's not going anywhere though (but it might be a bit wetter!)

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