6 March 2014


Back to some sedate Illustration Friday silliness after a few weeks of mayhem, including a trip to Wellington for a children's book illustration workshop, International Arts Festival excitement and finally 'finishing' my printed portfolio (meaning that 'finished' really means endless fiddling and tweaking).

This week's theme of 'voice' reminded me of an earlier illustration I did based on the things my mother used to tell me. That one was about picking one's nose, this one is about the perils of sitting on cold concrete, which filled me with a nameless fear as I had no idea what piles actually were. It didn't stop me sitting on the concrete, though!


roberto M. said...

Hi Carla, I love your drawing, you know!
You've worked a lot! you deserve a break!
Some voices that came into our heads when we were children, staying in a lifetime!
You remember that I told you would travel to
NZ in March? Oh!!!! What disappointment, for now we have postponed the trip! later. will see
ok. a kiss and a hug!

Carla said...

Roberto, thank you. Sorry to hear you're not coming to NZ - I was hoping to meet you and your family. What a shame but hopefully later on?
Happy weekend!

Mary Hall said...

This pic made me laugh! (And I love the colours and lettering too!)

Carla said...

Thanks, Mary!

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