9 June 2014

A Little Film for MATS

This is how the beginning of a project goes: Clean house. Get everything ready. Rejoice in the feeling of a new start and a tidy workspace. After the project ends: Look around at the piles of paper and general chaos. Wonder how I didn't see the army of dustballs in every corner. Clean house. Start again!

So here's my little finished film, which started out as a bit of a play-around with old drawings, which then turned into a competition entry for Make Art that Sells (the little green house is their logo.) It was fun. It was incredibly time-consuming. Working on it became obsessive, but in a good way. It was also a way of bringing all the skills and insights I've learned this year into one package, with the freedom of creating my own brief. And now for a little bit of half-hearted cleaning...


Jo said...

This is fantastic - what programme did you use to make this? Nice and simple - great illustrations! :)

Carla said...

Thanks, Jo! I made it in After Effects :)

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