14 July 2014

100 Objects of my Affection

We're into Day 4 of the 100 Days Project, and this time I'm loving the fact that I have a plan in place. This is my system, which I had a lot of fun devising - four jars filled with little bits of paper. Each jar has its own theme: a word (a something I love), colour palette, material/s and a random instruction. Each day, I pick out a piece of paper from each jar, and that's my prompt for the day. 
This was Day 1: Lists (how appropriate), black white red, use brush and ink, use a caption that starts with your name. Magic! It takes all the indecisiveness away and forces me to try new things. 

I came across this talk on rule-based making when I was looking for ways to create creative prompts. We do use the idea of 'restrictions bringing freedom' in our theatre projects, but I've never used it in my personal work before. It'll be interesting to see where it takes me over the next 96 days.

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