19 September 2014

Paint & Patterns

Day 71 of the 100 Days Project and just over a month to go! Discoveries include the joy of deliberate messiness, how great it is to slop ink and paint around and exactly how much I love making patterns. I'm also learning to not be so self-critical, which is a massive achievement for me, the master of picking my own work to pieces. There have been some sticky uninspired patches for sure, but now the end is in sight with a 100 Days exhibition in November, I'm starting to get all excited again.


roberto M. said...

i love your drawings Carla!! self-criticism is a great enemy, I'm glad you forsake it , obviously self-criticism in a bad way. because, to some extent, I think it's good, it happens that between excessive self-criticism and discontent, there is a thin line
You know? we are arriving NZ last october days!!! i wish could see you there!!!
Have a nice weekend!! :)

Carla said...

H Roberto! Thank you. I haven't been able to beat the self-criticism thing entirely, but I'm better at ignoring it and trying to be more objective - a constant challenge! Looking forward to meeting you in NZ, I'll email you my mobile number, the days will be warmer I hope :)

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