23 October 2014

100 Days Later

I thought it was going to be easy, but boy was I wrong! A hundred days sometimes seemed like forever, and at times I got very grumpy about 'having' to do a drawing every day.

It turns out that it really wasn't about the result, but about the process of committing to a task and seeing it through. So many self-imposed blocks, excuses, delays and dragging of feet went on, but always beforehand - once I got into the flow of things I could have gone on forever.

For me, probably the most important lesson of all was learning how to ignore those pesky inner voices and just keep on making a little something every day, regardless. This weekend all the Auckland participants are coming together to show their projects, and I'm super excited - I think it's my very first exhibition ever, not counting school and student-ey things.


Creations By Mit said...

What a cool exercise in self-discovery! I often get those self-imposed blocks, myself! Great job, working through them! Love the result!

Carla said...

Thanks Mit!

tatjana said...

Great idea, I'm trying to come up with the perfect assignment for myself: long, clear but not too long or restrictive ;)
I like this recap drawing with all the snippets from your 100 days a lot too. It looks like an all around success to me!

Carla said...

Thanks Tatjana, it was definitely a project that got me being more productive than I'd been for a while. 100 days sometimes seemed way too long but I guess that's the point of it - to push past all the mental blocks we put up about being creative!

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