2 October 2014

Wish Upon a Cloud

Illustration Friday's theme this week is 'wish.' It reminded me of another one of my favourite childhood hobbies - lying in the grass seeing animals in the clouds while making wishes. Things like: 'I wish I had different parents not my mean ones who don't let me do anything/was a fashion designer/had a pair of patent leather shoes and some socks with anchors on them.' These days my wishes are quite different, usually involving an imaginary magical seaside house with a giant studio, where I can splatter paint around and make a mess to my heart's content.


roberto M. said...

Hi Carla! Thank you very much for your comment. Oh !!!!! I'm sorry, I'll can not see 100 Days Expo because we travel on October 26. (we arrived to NZ on the 28th, do not ask me why, it has to do with whether you travel to the West or to the East, I know that October 27 th will not be in the story of my life ha Ha)
I love your illustration. I think my wishes now are closer to a house by the sea, than to have different parents :) maybe to have a house by the sea hides another wish, (to have some more money) :)
OK. when we are there I hope that we meet to take some coffee, you know I'll be in Piha. but we will go to Aukland, sometime! :)

rossichka said...

Hello! I've just found your blog via Roberto's and I liked it from the first sight!
Such a sweet illustration! We are always alone with our wishes, absolutely free to think about them, they give a specific taste to our everyday life.:)
Oh, we are constantly dreaming with my husband, too of a little house by the sea or in a quiet village...
I "know" something else - make three wishes when you see the moon in a waxing crescent phase. I do it sometimes, and I feel like a child...:D

Jeff G said...

Love this piece!

Carla said...

It would be good if there was a 'reply to each comment' thingie wouldn't it! But there isn't, so thank you all for your messages. Roberto, shame you won't be here for the exhibition but a coffee is definitely on the cards and Piha isn't too far away for a visit. Rossichka, thank you. I hope that one day our daydream of a quiet seaside house comes true - maybe if we do enough wishing on the moon! And Jeff, thanks :)

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