26 November 2014

Take it Easy

I'm not very good at taking my own advice. If anyone else had spent most of a year taking on fairly intense artmaking courses and projects, on top of the usual mix of daily life drama and commitments, what would I say to that person? 'You need a rest', that's what I'd say. 'Take some time out. Have a break.' But oh no. What do I do? Keep on going like a slightly manic not very well-functioning machine. Then I get sick and wonder why.

So this week, after a stern talking-to by my sister and my own inner sometimes-sensible self, I'm taking it easy. Pottering around, walking a bit, writing a bit, watching Masterchef a lot and definitely not doing any housework. Obeying orders, and not pretending to be someone who can do everything, for a change.

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