31 December 2014

A Misty New Year

I love this floaty hazy sometimes-sunny time between Christmas and New Year, when the city turns quiet and everyone else heads off on their summer holidays. We had our own pre-Christmas holiday back in Wenderholm, which is now officially one of my best places ever and somewhere I think about when life in Auckland gets a bit too noisy, which these days is a lot of the time. It was misty, grey and rained bucketloads, but I didn't care.

On this equally overcast New Year's Eve I'm thinking of (and thankful for) the opportunities that have come my way this year. Lots of making stuff, lots of drawing, a number of downs but way more ups, and finally learning how to use my time more wisely (never my strongest point). Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave comments here; I love reading them and finding out what you are up to in your lives all over the world. Happy New Year!

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roberto M. said...

Hi, Carla !! Happy New Year !! I tell you, it was a pity that we could not meet at Piha! Niosotros stayed the entire month of November, and traveled to many beautiful places in your country (Cathedral Cove, Sandy Bay, Hot Water Beach and some places I can not remember the name because they were Mahoríes names and are really hard for me) I said my daughter spoke with you to send a small drawing that I left at home. I hope this new year is a great year for you, and can fulfill all your projects! No doubt the next time I travel to NZ, we'll see! a big hug!
PS: my daughter sent me a pic of the Pohutukawas all in red!!! what a beautiful sight to see!!!! :)

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