6 May 2015

20 Ways to Draw a Cat

I've been doing a lot of non-arty, business-planning, paper-shuffling work recently and feeling a little rusty in the drawing department. Putting my doodle pants on usually does the trick, and what better way to start than with one of my all-time favourite subjects...

Another thing I'm keen on trying is this adventurous little exercise, part of a yearlong series called Creative Unblock. It involves a set of dice and an experiment in discovering a new place. Time to shake things up a bit, I think!


rossichka said...

Sweet faces, different characters... It seems you've had fun!
What about the project - oh, it's so inspiring! I shall try and see where my feet (and dice) will lead me to... Thanks for sharing! Hope you feel better now!!

Carla said...

Thank you! I'm planning on trying out the project this week. Do let me know where you went and what you did, I would love to know. I am feeling LOTS better now, many small changes leading to big improvements. Thank you so much :) Carla

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