25 August 2015

Couldrey House

Last weekend marked Wenderholm end-of-winter mini-holiday #3, including the usual chocolate-eating, river-watching and meandering walks. This time we paid a visit to historic Couldrey House, built near the beach in 1857. It's been beautifully restored, and I spent ages looking at the details in things - stitching, lettering, artwork - such loveliness in the making of everyday things.


rossichka said...

Thank you for the links! It was so interesting to see this wonderful places and the beautiful nature! You sound refreshed and happy! Hope you are doing well!

Carla said...

Hello! Thank you too. Yes, it's a beautiful place, and I'm crossing my fingers for a summer visit. It seems like the more often I go back to a place like this the more I love it. And it's SO good to escape the city!

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