26 November 2015

Pointy City

I started this a wee while ago for another Illustration Friday prompt but didn't finish it in time, so it was a satisfying thing to rework it and use it this week instead. Without really planning it, the beginnings of a story began to emerge, featuring a girl, her pointy dog, and an equally pointy city.


rossichka said...

Oh, how lovely! I hope we'll see their adventures in that fairy tale city!
Hope you are doing well, Carla!xx

roberto M. said...

Hi Carla, you never tell the story of a work, or how did you do it! You just let the viewer enjoy it! Have a nice weekend!!

Carla said...

Thank you, Rossichka! And thank you Roberto - you're right, I don't talk about my artwork a lot. Maybe I should. But usually I'm in such a rush to get something finished by a certain date, I run out of time to write the words!

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