24 December 2015

Happy Christmas

Today I was told off by two children (one of them mine) because I said 'Happy Christmas.' They said, in no uncertain terms that it was supposed to be 'Merry Christmas.' I said that I didn't care and that I've always said it that way, that the Queen of England says it too and so did we when we were growing up. So there, bossy children.

One of my favourite things about this time of year is creating a new holiday card. This time I sent out the usual printed ones but had a go at making an animated version too. Happy Christmas!


rossichka said...

Dear Carla,
Your animated Christmas card made me smile and feel the Christmas spirit stronger! It's sooooooooo sweet!
Have lovely holidays and a New Year, full of health, love, laugh and new adventures!:)))

Carla said...

Thank you rossichka! Happy holidays to you too, and a 2016 filled with wonderful things :)

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