18 January 2016


Just before New Year, we went on a mega road trip down past Gisborne to a little place called Nuhaka, where we joined a big group of lovely like-minded people for a week of camping festivities. I haven't been camping since an ill-fated but exciting trip to Great Barrier Island years ago, when a cyclone hit and we were all washed out of our flimsy tents and forced to sleep in the camp kitchen where we drank whiskey and glumly watched the never-ending rain. Before that, my camping experiences were childhood ones. Every year we left Wellington in the big white Holden, driving halfway up the country to an enormous family camping ground with a pool and roller skating rink, which more than made up for all the squabbling on the way.

New Year's weather is often wet and wild and this year was no exception. There was a lot of huddling under cover clutching mugs of tea, and long argumentative games of Trivial Pursuit. Kids ran around in puddles and jumped on a trampoline in the pouring rain. There was New Year's Eve dancing in a big tent (optimistically christened the Pleasure Dome) and a visit to the local hot springs. I decided that being out of the city for New Year is a great idea and we absolutely must do it again if at all possible, rain or no rain. Happy 2016!


rossichka said...

New Year's Eve and Summer have nothing in common. Their combination sounds absurd for me. And for all the people from the Northern hemisphere.:D I am sure you feel the same way about combining New Year's Eve with winter? (You could see some snowy pics in my last post...)
It sounds like you've had fun and were happy to go camping during the holidays, evoking precious memories and creating new wonderful ones!
Happy New Year, Carla!

Carla said...

Yes, it is absurd! In New Zealand everything is back to front. I've lived in Europe as well, and this time of year still makes me nostalgic for how it is there. Especially snow! Happy New Year to you too, I hope it is filled with happiness and great creative adventures :)

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