21 September 2016


A very apt Illustration Friday theme for this week. It's been very rainy here in Auckland all winter, and still pouring down at the start of spring - many muddy puddles and quick dashes out to the clothesline to retrieve soggy washing.

I'm not here much these days (am posting more on Instagram) but will pop in from time to time to say hello!


roberto M. said...

Hi Carla!!! Happy to see your comment in my blog!!!!! Do you know something?My daughter Julia from Piha, is here with us, she came to be here two or three weeks! :)

rossichka said...

Some belated, but most sincere and warm wishes for a healthy, smiling and colourful New Year for yuo and your beloved ones!
How are you doing, Carla? Hope you are OK! And drawing from time to time... xx

Carla said...

Happy New Year Roberto and Rossichka! Thanks to you both for stopping by to say hello. All is well here, 2016 was a crazy upside down year and I'm hoping this year will be calmer... Roberto, how great for you to have Julia there with you! All the best for 2017 and more creative adventures xx

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